Affordable Antennas Brisbane TV Antenna Installation

Do you have television pixelation, signal loss or poorly performing reception? We can help!

Affordable Antennas Brisbane offers a mobile service to homes or businesses anywhere within the greater Brisbane region. Our fully equipped vans and experienced technicians can diagnose and fix problems with your TV or antenna. The high-quality Fracarro antennas we supply are all backed by our exclusive 5 year warranty. Before you are ready to throw away your fancy big-screen TV, we strongly recommend contacting us to see if we can help. Pixelation is often not from the TV but from your antenna. Get in touch today for an expert diagnosis!


Replacement Digital Antennas For Existing Homes - Call 0415 060 830

Our prices are great value and our antennas are of the best quality. A 5 year warranty is included on all installations. Our mobile technicians come to your residence to supply and install your brand new antenna. Before we leave we ensure that your new antenna is working perfectly and your TV has perfect reception.

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Our EXISTING HOME service includes:

1 Removal of your old antenna

2 A brand new Italian-made high quality Fracarro digital antenna

3 Full installation of the new antenna on-site (within Brisbane)

4 Re-tuning of your TV to ensure crystal clear reception

5 A full 5 year warranty on your new antenna


New Home Antenna, Mast, Cabling & Installation - Call 0415 060 830

This is a fully-inclusive service to set you up ready to receive digital TV in your new home. Before we leave your premises we will ensure that everything is working correctly so all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch your favourite TV shows. This service is specifically for new/existing homes that DO NOT have an existing antenna.

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Our NEW HOME service includes:

1 An antenna mast + installation on your roof or other suitable location

2 A brand new Italian-made Fracarro digital antenna connected to your mast

3 A coaxial cable connected from the new antenna to your roof cavity

4 Connection of the cable to a splitter hooked up to your pre-existing cables in your roof

5 Tuning of your new antenna for perfect digital TV reception

5 A full 5 year warranty on your new antenna


Top Quality Products, Service and Prices!

The Antenna we use is made by the Fracarro company of Italy. With over 80 years experience behind them Fracarro Antennas are second to none. They are a global supplier, and in my opinion, their quality is fantastic. I buy in bulk to keep costs down and can pass these on to you at very competitive prices.

Please don’t pay more because you do not need to. If you have any questions call me. I can be reached on the mobile number Monday to Friday. Please be assured that I stand behind my companies work and our warranty.

Phone iconCALL0415 060 830 or 0401 968 440


- OR -

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Quality Antenna Service At Affordable Prices

Our mobile antenna service is quick, efficient, and reliable. We provide fast diagnosis so you can be back watching your favourite TV show in no time.

Our antennas

Digital Antennas - 5 Years Warranty

We provide same day digital antenna replacement throughout Brisbane. Our quality Fracarro Digital Antennas come with our 5 year warranty for your peace of mind. These are simply the best antennas available on the market.

TV, speaker and antenna

We Do More Than Antennas

We service all types of home entertainment equipment - TV's, antennas, stereos, speakers & projectors etc. We also can provide cabling, television wall mounting, speaker wall & ceiling installation, PA installations and much more.

Much More Than Just Antennas!

Replacement Antenna + Installation

An all-inclusive replacement service including new antenna, installation, parts, re-tuning your TV and GST. Same day Brisbane service by experienced technicians.

New Home Antenna Service

Our packages include a brand new Antenna, Mast, Cabling & Connection Installation for new homes in the greater Brisbane region. Quick service & 5 year warranty.

Wifi Networking & Data Cabling

Data cabling or WIFI network solutions from a simple internet connection to go online at home all the way through to large-scale commercial networking applications.

Telephone Line Repairs & Installation

Solutions for all phone or networking system needs including phone line installation, repairs, cabling, fault finding, wifi configuration and VOIP.

TV Installation & Wall Mounting

We take care of everything when it comes to installing and setting up your television including wall mounting, cable management, TV reception tuning and equipment connection in Brisbane.

TV Points & Cabling

We can install TV points with the correct cabling into any room in your house, while ensuring that it is in the most convenient and yet unobtrusive position.

Caravan Satellite Dishes

Our caravan satellite dish package comes with a stand, high quality satellite dish & LNB, coaxial cables & fittings, set top box/decoder plus signal meter for just $720!

Satellite Dish Repair

Our expert technicians provide an onsite service within Brisbane to diagnose and repair any type of satellite dish. Same day service, affordable prices!

MATV Servicing

Need multiple televisions for your business or complex? MATV allows you to set up free-to-air, foxtel or digital TV into multiple rooms or areas of your business.